Is able to alert when intense rains and floods occur.

The warning can be realized via remote messaging, App or on site alarm (sirenes etc). It can be easily and quickly installed. It works combined the water level measurement in rivers or streams or just as a single instrument for measuring rainfall.

Data Sheet

Spider Rains is a hydrological warning system for heavy rains and exceeding hydrometric levels. Download the data sheet to find out more.

Spider Rains on site

Genoa: the water catchment area of the Bisagno torrent, in the Ligurian territory, has always been an important hydrological risk area.

As a result of the precipitation that falls inside, sudden and impetuous floods may occur. These transform a creek of modest size into a stream of incredible flow, which on several occasions is flooded with tragic consequences (2011-2014).

Since 2020, many construction sites have been started for the construction of a spillway tunnel, able to drain excess water into the sea in case of torrent floods.

The danger to which men and heavy equipment are subjected requires continuous monitoring and alerting, to allow their safety and eventual evacuation.

The Spider Rains system that we have installed consists of several rain gauge stations, located in strategic places, and a hydrometric level sensor at a confluence point.

The implementation of the system took little time, thanks to its simplicity. The system is able to send a notification, via email, SMS, and App, to all those interested in emergency management.

The Spider System® technology, with a low-power transmission system able to cover long distances between devices, has made it possible to guarantee a high standard of reliability and short response times to the occurrence of an event.

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