Is used when the climatic event has already happened, for the safety to whom works in the dangerous area.

After a landslide, for example, it allows to be immediately alerted by sirens or flashing lights when the landside front starts to move again, thanks to 8 sensors that detect displacements in the order of cm. The device gives indication not only of the event, it permits to determinate the entity of movement.

Data Sheet

Spider Sentinel is a warning system for active landslides.
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Spider Sentinel on site

Province of Brescia: an old landslide looms for a long time on the below-inhabited area. The movement is barely perceptible. Consolidation works require continuous monitoring of the potential danger. Spider Sentinel was the solution that allowed to have this control.

The system consists of some detection points on the slope that detect the displacement of the ground. In the town, a Gateway, with weather sensors, receives and manages local alarms and forwards data to the cloud software for management by those in charge of interventions.

The installation of the measuring points took a few hours, no configuration, no electrical wiring. A solution for immediate application even in case of emergency.

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