Measures millimetric displacements of a surface or a front against a fixed point.

The device doesn’t need to be configured locally, and installation is simple and immediate. The data are acquired with a variable frequency (for example every 10 minutes) and the automatic sending does not require external power supply. The data are immediately usable both by computer and smartphone, and it is possible to receive alarm notifications via App, email or SMS.

Data Sheet

Spider Slide is a monitoring system for displacements and cracks.
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Spider Slide on site

Province of Brescia: the area near Valle di Saviore has always been subject to significant levels of precipitation which can initiate a process of very slow but continuous landslides.

To guarantee the safety of inhabitants and infrastructures, it is therefore necessary to monitor the stability of slopes, keeping the risk of hydrogeological instability of the territory under control.

In 2020, the Spider Slide monitoring and warning system was installed. The system includes several peripheral stations equipped with sensors capable of detecting any movements in the subsoil and level changes in the aquifers, positioned at specific points along the slopes.

These peripherals convey the data to a central station, located further downstream a few kilometres away, which manages the information received, forwarding data and any alerts on the network.

The simplicity of the system, the long autonomy of the devices in batteries (years), and the absence of specific configurations, like all Spider System® technologies, made it possible to minimize installation times by offering a versatile and extremely effective solution.

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